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the package gets dispatched from an international airport (for germans mainly LA California) in the. User Agreement and, privacy Policy. The customs agent can decide in what category he packs the "silicone sculptures". Are you over eighteen and willing to see adult content? But with packages from the US this chance is very very very low. First method: The good thing about the first method is, that the buyer can get the package directly when he hands over the needed information and pays the fees. The customs agents there will check the invoice of the package, meaning they will open the package if they don't find any invoice or payment information on the outside of the box (for example in a clear foil). You only have to pay the fees the customs office processes. When it arrives there, the customs agents -there- will send an information letter to the buyer that there is a package for him and that he should provide 2 copies of the invoice and the PayPal receipt. Personally I haven't yet ordered something via FedEx, so I'm compiling a small overview from peoples experiences, who already purchased from BD and let FedEx deliver their goods. So it can be safely said that a german customer always has to pay the 19 sales tax no matter what if they order at least -one- toy. When it gets dispatched from the US airport, the package gets a matchcode number (for DHL) and a german customer can track the package in two different ways now: - via the usps-website or - via the DHL-tracking website (which will be more accurate now. For BD toys it can be either: - Plastic / Artificial products 6,0 up to a value of 200 (mostly used when ordering from BD) - Cosmetic products 0,0 (basically no custom fees, had this two times while ordering from BD) - A flat rate. The most positive and luxury thing for customers choosing FedEx as their courier is that FedEx handles customs bad dragon deutschland fickdate at the german border for them, making the order and delivery process now very very easy! No, yes, use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. It looks like you don't have to handle anything customs related anymore, FedEx does everything for you and delivers the package directly to your doorstep. The buyer can then chose between two methods: - go directly to the customs office and hand over the copies of the invoice and PayPal receipt or - sent the copies of the invoice and PayPal receipt via postal delivery to the customs office. As I wrote above, customs fees will be charged when the combined item value is higher than 151. If he does, the buyer has to pay 19 tax, if not, the lube bottles are free of charge, but this can't be predicted. I personally never had something like this happen. As BD doesn't put any invoices on the outside of their packages, this will most definately happen.

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It's best to check for any status updates regularly so you know when to expect the package. In short: - Dispatching from LA - Arriving in Germany - Customs sending out note to buyer to provide invoice and payment information - Buyer either goes to customs office, pays fees and gets package or - sends invoice and payment information via postal delivery. For me for example it means the package gets sent back 500km, gets processed, get sent back 500km to me, not exaggerating here. I talked to DHL, mailed to my national customs office, main customs office and even my local prosecutors office about this case, even submitted example pictures (in the caliber of the yiffy character art from BDs toys). But there is a simple value rule when importing things internationally to Germany: If value (in Euros No sales tax and no customs fees 19 OR 7 sales tax - 151 - open end - 19 OR 7 sales tax variable customs fees for. The sending process and customs handling. A little advice on the sidelines: Since the upgrade to Priority isn't a huge leap in case of price, it would always be better to chose Priority over Eco. I'm taking Varkas suggestion that I should post this for the general public as well. The "bad" thing is, that you most certainly have to open the package there and show the customs agents the contents of the package, so they can verify them with the contents printed on the invoice. So the buyer himself is always at risk when importing stuff like this, keep that in mind. There are two sending options: - Eco - Priority - From the name alone one can abbreviate that "Priority" will be handled faster, since it also costs a bit more than Eco, it is compareable to usps Express. They can't do that before they aren't absolutely sure that the buyer is indeed the receipient of the package, because then they risk paying for someone that could possibly not exist. The very bad thing about the second method is the additional wait time a buyer has to endure (sometimes around or more than 3 weeks!), because after you sent in the copies of the invoice and PayPal receipt, your national customs office will send the. All I got was that they couldn't help or tell me, IF such a thing would get prosecuted or not. If you aren't at home when your package is going to be delivered, you will have a notice in your mail where you can call their customer-hotline and make up to three additional delivery dates until it gets send back. "Eco" would be the "normal" way of sending the package, just like usps Priority it is a bit cheaper but takes longer. The very first time I ordered from BD I talked myself out of it so I didn't have to open it, the second time it didn't work. If you don't care about time and when to expect the package, you're service of choice will be "Eco". Depending on that, the outcoming customs fees will be added upon the sales tax. If they buy more, the possibility of additional customs fees rise as well.

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